A selection of portraits using different styles of lighting; some studio work, location work, and some ‘light painting’ portraits taken in people’s homes or workplace; these are taken in the dark with a flashlight using long exposures. Needless to say the subject has to keep very still! 

A collection of stills taken while filming ‘Gorilla School’ in Gabon, West Africa, as well as some photographs taken in Los Angeles during the making of ‘Trollywood’. Also included are a handful of other photographs taken while working for The Aspinall Foundation in Madagascar, Congo, Tanzania, Indonesia and in Central America where I made a short documentary on the Weaving War Widows of Guatemala. 

In 2000 I had my first solo photographic exhibition ‘Movie Tips’ at London’s Proud Galleries. This is the accompanying book to the exhibition which was also shown at Media Rare Gallery in Los Angeles and again in London in 2008 at Westbrook Gallery.