STOOGE by Madeleine Farley

Stooge is a feature documentary about Robert Pargiter, Iggy Pop's No1 fan. It covers the three years leading up to his 50th birthday when he tries to track his hero down in a final absolution. His journey has taken him all over the world in search of redemption after years of struggling with addiction, of coping with depression, and of celebrating the communal lust that is Rock ’n Roll.

“Have you ever loved a band so much that you’d sell your house to see them at any venue around the globe for 30 years? Probably not, but if you’re Robert Pargiter, this is the norm, and it’s all about one, illusive god of rock and roll; Iggy Pop. After first seeing him perform with his band The Stooges in 1979, Pargiter never grew up, and chased the thrill of witnessing his favourite band wherever the wind blew. Now, in Stooge, documentary filmmaker Madeleine Farley takes us on the epic odyssey of Robert’s quest to meet the rockstar, taking him to San Fransisco, Miami, and of course, Salford. Stooge is a truly heartwarming story of one man’s passion, and a tragically funny testament to keeping the dream alive, no matter who, or how old, you really are….Stooge is essential viewing not just for fans of Iggy Pop, but for fans of soul, passion, and above all, friendship. Take it from someone who’s seen Iggy live and initially hated it. You’ll find a brand new ‘Lust For Life’ in the mythology just yet.” DA Film Review


GORILLA SCHOOL is a 13 part television series for Discovery Channel. It follows the remarkable story of the release of captive-born gorillas back into the wild. Some of these gorillas were abandoned by their mothers and have been rescued and hand-reared at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, from a very young age. Now they are ready to travel to Gabon in Africa to join the world's most successful Gorilla re-introduction programme. Directed by Madeleine Farley



A unique film, inspired by a series of photographs taken by Director, Madeleine Farley in Los Angeles. Fascinated by the subject of homelessness in a city famous for its show of wealth, she set off in search of something that would crystallise the contradiction between the rich and poor. She found just what she was looking for in the shape of shopping trolleys in the malls and supermarkets, which some use to transport provisions and luxury items and other use to store their worldly possessions. Here, on the one hand, was extravagant consumerism, wealth and superabundance; on the other lay the deep division within a society which defines itself largely in terms of the way it consumes. 

Trollywood, an edgy documentary exposing the flip side of the American Dream and the lives and lifestyle of the spiritually rich but materially poor. 

SKETCH for upcoming TV Series

English aristocrat, Peter Thellusson, goes back to France with his life long friend to try to unlock a 200 year old curse which has seen his family descend from the richest in the world to one of poverty. Peter is the great-great-great grandson of Sir Pierre du Thellusson. In 18th century Britain Sir Pierre was one of the richest men in the world, his contested will provoked the single most catastrophic loss of family wealth in European history. The fall of the House of Thellusson was so immense it defies logic. All that is left is a teaspoon with the family crest on it. Peter’s search is for a rebalancing of the karma attached to his family’s curse, but he succumbs to a deeper preoccupation with France; namely booze and heavy drinking. His mid-life crisis looms like the north face of the Eiger.


Doug Tompkins, co-founder of The North Face and Esprit died of hypothermia in a kayaking accident on General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, Chile in December 2015, aged 72. Doug helped grow two of the world’s most influential apparel companies, but his true passion was in conservation. To Doug, nature was everything. The founder of the environmental nonprofit Foundation For Deep Ecology, Doug’s mission was to “support education and advocacy on behalf of wild nature.”  He believed that national parks were the “best expression of social equity there is.”

Doug wisely said, “If anything can save the world, I’d put my money on beauty,” and that’s why he and his wife Kris created five national parks in Chile and Argentina. Doug championed the outdoors; he wanted to make beautiful lands accessible to everyone, and forever. 

This short film is a tribute to Doug.