Every two years a very special dinner is held in central London, the Ormeley Dinner brings together the great and the good - those induviduals financially committed to conservation – to raise funds for some of the world’s most innovative environmental and conservation organisations. The centre piece of the night is a scene setting video and then an auction, which can raise over £2m. Madeleine has been producing and directing these videos since 2010

Slim Aarons_Farley.jpg


Lanky six-foot-four, good-looking, charming and charismatic, adored by everyone he photographs. This is Slim’s story. At the dawn of photojournalism, the rise of commercial air travel and the birth of the “jet set”, Slim is the preeminent photographer working for the esteemed global Holiday magazine. This television series tells the story of his life..

“Photographing attractive people, doing attractive things in attractive places”.


A follow-up feature documentary to Trollywood 2004. Sixteen years on homelessness has reached crisis level. Madeleine will be going back to the streets where she filmed all those years ago to see if she can find her old friends and see how they’re doing. Homeless activist, Ted Hayes, is taking the situation into his own hands and is planning a trip to the White House to seek resolution.